Top 3 Health Tips When Living in Solana Beach

Southern California is known around the world as a place where people live extremely healthy lifestyles. From Solana Beach to San Diego, people are always out jogging, exercising, and drinking their overpriced kale smoothies. Let’s face it – many people here are fit.

Unfortunately, after +2 years of the pandemic, it’s become more challenging to invest in our physical and mental health. Many people now work from home in Solana Beach. This is causing a strain from both ends of the wellness spectrum. Exercising at home is sometimes impossible. Socializing with friends requires constant rainchecks and reschedules because of COVID scares. This struggle crosses all boundaries and ages. Even for people in their early 20’s, maintaining your physical and mental health isn’t easy nowadays.

Today, we’re here to provide help! Here are the top 3 health tips that you use to increase your overall well-being when living in Solana Beach.

1. Get Out & Hike

Are you tired of being stuck in your house? Walking through nature does wonders for your soul, emotional well-being, and physique. Exposing your body to sunlight increases your vitamin D levels and can usually put a smile on someone’s face. Not a fan of the sun? You can find hiking trails in Solana Beach with more tree coverage to give you the cool shade that you’re looking for.

Moving your body is key to feeling good internally. Many people experience ‘winter depression, which can be influenced by sitting inside for extended periods of time during the colder months of the year. Taking a long stroll through the trees or along a mountain ridge helps release endorphins in your brain. Happiness will flood your system, increasing your overall emotional health.

Looking for good hiking in Solana Beach? Check out Annie’s Canyon Trail. This is one of the top-rated hikes in this part of North County San Diego.

2. Visit A Holistic Chiropractor

When we first think of chiropractors, most people think of huge cracks or pops of bones. Have you seen those YouTube videos of people receiving chiropractic adjustments with huge audible cracks? They are intense! Fortunately, there are different types of chiropractic techniques, all with their own unique twist.

Network Spinal is a gentle force chiropractic technique that does not involve any cracking. Come again? That’s right. It involves light touches along the spine and back to help release stored tension in the body. When visiting a holistic chiropractor in Solana Beach, you can experience relief from both physical pain and emotional trauma. This type of chiropractic care helps bridge the gap between the mind and the body.


3. Hit The Surf

Surfing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in North County San Diego. The weather is beautiful and the ocean is gorgeous. Riding waves is also a health tip that checks both the physical and emotional boxes.

Catching waves is physically challenging. It demands balance, precision, leg strength, and core strength. Without one of these four attributes, catching a wave will be challenging. Surfing also requires a ton of endurance. If the waves are choppy, it can take a few minutes to paddle all the way out.

Adding surfing to your routine can also have a positive impact on your emotional well-being. You can connect with mother nature and the ocean by sitting out in the waves. The fresh ocean water can help wash away things like anxiety and depression. Surfing gets your body moving, making it difficult to think of much else besides that activity.

Solana Beach has several great surfing spots that are perfect for beginners. Fletcher Cove Beach Park is right in the heart of Solana Beach and provides a perfect surf break for people to catch waves. You can take a midday surf break if you live near the ocean and work from home. It’s the perfect way to decompress, move your body, and relax your mind.

Prioritizing Health & Wellness

When life gets busy, prioritizing health and wellness practices is difficult. Add a layer of the pandemic on top of that, and our health usually takes a back seat. Do your best to fit health practices into your schedule when living in Solana Beach. Take advantage of the beautiful areas to explore and the fun things to do. Your health should come first. Without our health, what do we have2?